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Licensing and Technology Transfer

Commercial exploitation of an invention or idea nearly always involves third parties. The third party may be purchasing rights to use, make or sell your invention or idea. In such cases, licenses or assignments that protect the owner from inadvertant and/or unauthorized use of the owner’s rights can be critical.

Additionally, if the third party is participating in the further development or marketing of your idea or invention, development contracts and nondisclosure agreements that impose a duty on the third party to protect against unauthorized disclosure are very important.

Finally, a host of other contractual terms may be called for, depending upon the particular business strategy employed by the owner of the idea or invention; accurate and responsive legal advice can be the difference between keeping or losing the rights to an idea or invention.

Business Entity Formation

Many times a preliminary step towards the commercial exploitation of an invention is the creation of a new business entity. It is frequently necessary that third parties, critical to the full development of a product, are to be compensated with an ownership interest in the business entity. Issues of control, liability limitation, and eventual dissolution of the entity (among others) must be addressed with a long-range perspective.

The successful marketing of a venture to prospective investors typically hinges upon a comprehensive business plan. The successful business plan will introduce a potential investor to the technology of the invention while also accurately enumerating all milestones and stages of product development.

Steins & Associates is prepared to assist and/or create partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, agent’s contracts, business plans and other documents, as necessary, to insure that the entity form is proper for the particular circumstances.

In-House Training

As can be seen from the content of this site, issues involving the protection of intellectual property can be complicated. The ongoing, successful protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights and particularly trade secrets mandates the implementation of policies and procedures at all levels of the organization. With the movement to “downsized” business structures, it has become difficult to retain full-time in-house intellectual property specialists. This situation has evolved in an economy where development and exploitation of new ideas has become ever more important.

Steins & Associates is prepared to meet this challenge by providing cost-effective, focused training to each level of our clients’ organization, as necessary. Additionally, our firm can assist in developing policies and procedures to maximize the protection for your new ideas.